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Boiler Servicing

Covering Blackheath, Greenwich and Charlton 

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McGrath Heating Services Ltd provide a meticulous boiler service to extend the life of your boiler. We have 22 years experience working with gas and central heating. McGrath Heating Services Ltd take special care and attention to ensure every customer is satisfied and happy with the service we provide. Our accreditations include Which? Trusted Trader and Checktrade. We've also been Verified by Expert Trades!

McGrath Heating Services Ltd are Gas Safe registered and up to date the with the latest regulations - making sure all of our work is completed to the highest possible standards.

What you’ll notice after your boiler service

If you don’t service your boiler regularly unnoticed issues could be causing hidden damage to your boiler. The initial cost of a boiler service is likely to save you money on repair work and replacements in the future. There are a few things you will notice after giving your boiler a consistent annual service:

  • Reduced energy costs

As your boiler increases in age, it will need to work much harder in order to heat your home. Regular service can slow down this process and keep your bills lower for longer along with delaying the need to replace your boiler for increased heating costs. 

  • Fewer repair costs 

It goes without saying that a complex machine like a boiler needs to be maintained in order to keep it running at maximum efficiency. In addition to this, a well maintained boiler has less chance of breakdown and less chance of needing to call out and engineer for repair work.  

  • The longevity of your boiler will increase

The upfront cost of a new boiler is a large and a necessary expense as your boiler reaches the end of its life. Prolonging the life of your boiler is the best way to save money in the long term by delaying the need for a newer model. 

Other benefits of a boiler service

It’s important to note other factors that may not be as noticeable. One example is the increased safe operation of your boiler. Carbon monoxide leaks throughout your home could cause unspeakable damage. As part of our service, we check for leaks and ensure your boiler is in keeping with the latest regulations designed to keep you safe.

Some boiler manufacturer’s warranties also require you to book in for an annual boiler service in order to keep your warranty valid. 


Along side our boiler service, we also offer powerflushing. Powerflushing involves a full clean out of your entire heating system to prolong the life of your boiler - successfully removing sludge, rust or any debris from the system. As part of a powerflush, steps are also taken to further reduce the chances of build up in the future. 

Not only is keeping your system clean imperative to the health, efficiency and longevity of your central heating system, there is also a new British standard surrounding maintaining and cleaning your central heating system as a whole. The importance of keeping your system clean is becoming recognised as a crucial part of maintaining a safe, functional and economical heating system in your home.

How to get your boiler servicing quote from McGrath Heating Services Ltd

To get a quote from McGrath’s Heating Services Ltd please visit our contacts page. Alternatively you can give us a call on 077812 739696. We provide servicing throughout Blackheath, Greenwich, Charlton, Welling, Sidcup, Bexleyheath and Chislehurst. 

Please remember to always opt for Gas Safe Registered engineers on any heating or gas related work being carried out in your home.

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