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A guide to preparing your heating system for winter

Winter is here and it's critical to give your heating system the care it needs as the temperature drops. We at McGrath Heating Services are here to help you with the process of getting your heating system ready for winter because we know how important a dependable heating system is.

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how to prepare your heating system for the winter

How To Prepare Your Heating System for Winter

Professional inspection

Make an appointment for a thorough examination of your heating system beforehand. At McGrath Heating Services, our staff of skilled specialists is prepared to spot any possible concerns before they develop into more significant ones. A professional inspection guarantees that your heating system is operating at peak efficiency, from testing for leaks to verifying system efficiency.

Cleaning and replacing filters 

Regularly clean or replace the filters in your heating system. Unclean filters can hinder airflow and efficiency, making your system work more than it has to. This reduces the lifespan of your heating unit in addition to raising your energy costs. Your system's performance can be significantly improved with a straightforward filter replacement.

Thermostat settings

Examine and modify your thermostat settings over time. A comfortable temperature that satisfies your demands and is energy-efficient should be set for your heating system. To optimise heating schedules and save energy expenditures, think about replacing your old thermostat with a programmable one.

Test carbon monoxide detectors

Safety comes first, especially in the winter when heating systems are running nonstop. Make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly by giving them a test. If you don't already have one, think about placing detectors in strategic locations throughout your house.

Insulate pipes

Covered pipes should be insulated to protect your plumbing. By taking this small precaution, you can avoid expensive repairs by preventing freezing and possible bursts.

For further protection in really cold weather, think about utilising heat tape and pipe insulation sleeves. Remember to caulk any openings or fissures in the walls to prevent the entry of cold air and the escape of warm air.

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